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Ilai's Library
Ilai Mizrachi-Gabbitas Children's Library at the Chabad Jewish Center



Ilai Mizrachi-Gabbitas
August 20, 2010 - August 9, 2016
י' אלול, ה'תש"ע - ה' מנחם-אב ה'תשע"ו


Ilai was a miracle baby. A result of an IVF procedure in which we had potentially 32 babies. Ilai was our last chance along with three other embryos. He was in the freezer for four months, survived the delicate thawing-out process and eventually was the only one who made it to be our baby. 

Both Chuck and I wanted a Hebrew name for Ilai that will be easy to pronounce. Ilai - עילי was the perfect name for our beautiful baby.

Ilai was a warrior for King David. 

And indeed our Ilai was a warrior: he was the only embryo that made it into a baby and fought hard to become our son. Even at his circumcision ceremony he did not make a sound. 

Ilai was a tough little kid, wise beyond his years and witty. He was a perfectionist with an immense enthusiasm for learning and life itself, and a great sense of humor. He was very loving, kind and warm with a constant smile on his beautiful face. 

He loved all the superheroes just like all the other kids, rode his bicycles everyday, played basketball and soccer at every opportunity he had. But he also had a deeper dimension to him: he loved being a Jew and he loved learning about Jewish values and traditions and talked about it often, teaching it to us and anyone that would listen. He was our prized student. But he was also our teacher.

We had the privilege of being the parents of a beautiful boy inside and out.  

Thank you Ilai for a wonderful 6 years. 

We love you forever and ever. 

שתהא נשמתך צרורה בצרור החיים


Imma and Abba

Moshit and Chuck


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Leah Victorino
Thames and Stacy Kral
Dear Moshit and Chuck, I was devastated to hear about the passing of your son Ilai last Friday. Thames and I are sending you our love and prayers. We were overjoyed to learn that the fundraising for Ilai's library surpassed it's goal and continues
Tom Neary
Elizabeth Franklin
In loving memory of your precious son Ilai. Thank you for the gift of the library in his honor. Through the library his loving spirit and memory will continue to be an inspiration to others.
Lucia Bartocci
Dearest Moshit and Chuck, we've learned only today about Ilay. Our hearts are broken and our thoughts and prayers are with you, from the other side of the world. Love, Lucia & Diego
Rod, Patricia Hannah & Abigail
The love you gave was seen in his eyes and smile.
Juliana and Jordi Padros